Mock Interview Reflection

  1. How did you feel while you interviewed a classmate?  Do you believe that seeing an interview from the employer’s perspective makes you more prepared or not?  Please explain. I felt ok this kind of stuff doesnt make me nervous. Yes i should be more prepared.
  2. How did you feel while you were interviewed by a classmate?  Did you feel anxious, nervous, scared, prepared, overwhelmed, confident, etc.?  Please explain why you felt that way. I felt prepared cause im good with people.
  3. How do you feel about your responses?  Do you think your responses to the questions were adequate or do you feel you could have done better? What question did you find easy?  What question did you find difficult to answer?
  4. What advice would you give someone who is participating in a mock interview or a real interview? What advice would you give yourself; in other words, how do you think you could improve for your real interview? do this more often and make better eye coontact and try to throw in a couple jokes
  5. Yes, I know these mock interviews weren’t real, so imagine how you would perform in the interview if it was real.  What have you learned you need to do to be better prepared?  How should you dress for an interview?  How should you behave before, during, and after an interview?  What should you bring with you to an interview? Confidence and a good attitude.
  6. Evaluate the activity.  Be honest.  What do you think was good about this class activity?  How do you think we could improve this activity for next time, next year? Do you believe this is a skill you do need or do not need in real life?  Please explain. I didnt like it it was boring
  7. Take one of the 20 interview questions below and write a response that would be GOOD and one that would be BAD, then explain the difference with reasoning. It’s always good to practice job interview questions so that you become more and more comfortable.

Job shadow questions

  1.  What did you learn from your presentation? I learned that this was very difficult and it is only gonna get harder as life goes on.
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation? i think i couldve done better but im happy with the grade i got.
  3. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation? Talk louder and look at the audience
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? Spent more time working on it and made it more thorough.
  5. I wish i wouldve worked harder. If could presnt again I wouldnt go as fast now that i reflected i am ready for the future.

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day was made an official holiday in the early 17th century. Patrick was a 17th century bishop in Ireland, It is believed that he was born in Roman Britian in the fourth century. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest in the Christian church. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish and sold as a slave to Gaelic Ireland. When he was there he discoverd God, eventually he returned to his home and he decided to convert to christianity. According to the scrpit it says he spent the rest of his life freeing slaves and converting them to christianity and being followers of God. He eventually drove all of the “snakes” out of Ireland even though there werent any there. In these celebrations they involve parades, festivals, and Irish music sessions. These were more common in the past. St Patrick’s Day parades began in North America in the 18th century but did not spread to Ireland until the 20th century. Marching bands, Military, and Fire Brigades are usually a part of the celebrations.  More effort is made to use the Irish language, especially in Ireland where the week of St Patrick’s Day is “Irish language week”. Recently famous landmarks have been lit up in green on St Patrick’s Day.

Social Issue

What is your social issue?
Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?
What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?
What are pros to your solution?
What are cons to your solution?
Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

My social issue was sleep deprivation in teens

This is an issue because there are so many teens in the world including myself who dont get enough sleep. Therefore it effects their attitude, focus ,it gives them behavior issues and also effects how they perform certian tasks such as school.

The proposed solution is for school to start earlier. I aslo agree with that school starts to early and it is a proven fact that the teenage brain cannot function before 9am.

The pros to my solution are that the kids will have more sleep and they can focus better. They can also have better attitudes.

The cons are that there will be less school and might not learn as much.

How much sleep do you need for your body to function?

Should school stay the way it is or start later?



My topic is abortion. Personally I have no problem with it because the baby isnt out in the world yet it is still in the moms stomach But it is 2018 and everyone takes everything so seriously and complain. More people agree with the pro choice but its not like the baby knows whats going on. Thats why pro choice is always better because the mom is the one carrying the child and it is her decision. The republicans feel that pro life better because the baby is alive even though it is not in the world yet, The democrats feel that pro choice is better because the mom is the one who is going to have to take care of the kid if she chooses the have it. The white race feels that pro choice is a better decision because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, The blacks also feel the same way. Another way to just stay out of this situation is to buy birth control, Use condoms, Or just wait until you are married and ready to start a family all of this can avoid even having to think about getting an abortion and making a big deal.